Millard West

Millard West Music Lives!

Millard West High School
5710 S. 176th Ave
Omaha, NE 68135
(402) 715-6000

Here is the schedule for the day..........

Leave Time

All busses and suburbans will LEAVE the north side of GISH at 4:00am.  Please make sure that your 
student is ready to go AT GISH by 3:40am with everything that they need.

All information for the invitational can be found on the Millard West Show Choir website.

Things to Remember

Please make sure you have all costume items, including correct undergarments, black socks, etc..  if something is forgotten and we do not have an extra in the emergency bag, you may miss performing, unless someone brings it out to you.

I have been asked to let parents know that there is absolutely no photography permitted at the competition.

Food and Drink may be brought on the bus, but it is NOT allowed in the school.  If we are caught with a student who has brought in food or drink, it may result in the disqualification of ALL of our groups.  As is with us, this is a fundraiser for their booster organization, so they plan on everyone competing eating food at the competition. 

PLEASE DO NOT BRING IN FOOD FOR YOUR STUDENTS.  If they need to eat a specific type of food that is not offered at the competition, you may check them out to eat with you and then return.

We will do our best to let you know, both via your students, and via the parent facebook site when we are leaving the competition and when we are getting close.  PLEASE make every effort to pick your student up right away.  Our show choir staff will stay with all students until they are picked up.  In the past, we have had parents show up over an hour late to pick students up which makes for an even longer day for our show choir staff.